What is the flower of gold?

What is the flower of gold?
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Daisy flower or golden flower chrysanthemum is a type of plant belonging to the genus Chrysanthemum and its family is the asteraceae family. It is a perennial plant of 3-4 years. The golden flower chrysanthemum has conical flowers whose colors range from white, pink, red and yellow.

The homeland of this plant is southwest Asia and Europe, its height reaches about one and a half meters, and it grows on walls and rocky slopes and in neglected places. It is easy to cultivate and grows in fertile soil that dries up through sunlight and infiltration. Nowadays, the golden flower chrysanthemum is growing in various parts of the world.

It also tends to resemble chamomile, although it differs from it in terms of components and effect.

The flower of gold flourished in Japan, specifically in the year 797 A.D. The ruler of Japan made the Mikado his emblem, issuing a decree granting the right to use it to the royal family only, and every year in the month of October, people in Japan celebrate a holiday called the Golden Flower Festival.

Chrysanthemum flowers are characterized by their medicinal properties, as they are used in skin diseases such as: varicose veins, wounds, ulcers, and are also used to treat the eye, and are considered a pain reliever, and when boiled, they are used as a treatment for cold, cough, colic, and for the stomach, digestive system, and kidneys, and some also cultivate chrysanthemum flower Gold as a source of decoration.

Uses of the golden flower chrysanthemum:

  • Take a daily chrysanthemum supplement
  • It works to reduce migraines, and to treat tension headaches, the people of China and India used tea from chrysanthemum flowers by taking a spoonful of medium quantity of dry flowers, and it is placed in a cup of boiling water for a while, and it is taken from one to three times during one day.
  • Useful in the process of relaxing the smooth muscles of the uterus.
  • It helps the digestion process, and is beneficial for the work of the liver, as it works to improve it.

Experiments have proven that chrysanthemum in gardens is useful in treating angina. Chrysanthemum flower has an antimicrobial effect on microorganisms.

  • Chrysanthemum flower is a treatment for acne, fungus, and psoriasis.
  • Massage the skin with a fresh daisy flower.
  • It works to expand blood vessels.
  • Chrysanthemum also contains alkaloids, the most important of which are volatile oil, stacydron, lactones, vitamin B and flavonoids.
  • The leaves of the chrysanthemum flower are fragrant and refreshing.
  • Chrysanthemum is a therapist for rheumatism.

We mention the types of chrysanthemums in addition to the chrysanthemum of the golden blossom:

  • Corn chrysanthemum.
  • Coronal chrysanthemum.
  • Arctic chrysanthemums.
  • Indian chrysanthemum.
  • Pacific chrysanthemums.
  • Indian chrysanthemum.
  • Japanese chrysanthemum.
  • Chrysanthemum flower exotic
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