Chamomile flower shape

Chamomile flower shape
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Chamomile flower

Chamomile flowers, one of the aromatic medicinal plants, characterized by a beautiful appearance, and very attractive flowers, similar to chrysanthemum flowers, and the chamomile flower consists of petals that are white at the beginning, then turn yellow, and the chamomile flower contains a disc flower in the middle, its color is yellow Its aroma is pungent and aromatic, and it grows in late spring and early summer. Chamomile flowers grow mainly in Asia and Europe, as well as in North America and Australia. Chamomile flowers have been used since ancient times in medicinal and cosmetic recipes, and in the perfume industry. The flower is the important and effective part of the chamomile plant.

Benefits of chamomile flower

  • Chamomile flower tea is prepared. It contains many therapeutic and aesthetic properties, as it contains many antioxidants, and substances that have the property of sterilizing and giving the skin moisturizing elements, ridding the skin of acne and scars, and eliminating free radicals that cause skin aging.
  • Chamomile flower is characterized by its ability to sterilize mild wounds and speed up their recovery.
  • Chamomile flower has the ability to lighten the color of the skin, reduce skin sensitivity, give it freshness and luster, and reduce the effects of sunburn, by applying compresses moistened with chamomile flowers tea directly on the skin.
  • Chamomile flower infusion helps get rid of dark circles under the eyes, removes puffiness, and acts as a toner for the delicate skin around the eyes.
  • A mask can be applied to the skin to exfoliate dead skin, by mixing a little chamomile flower infusion with milk powder, and using it as a skin scrub, which contributes to getting rid of dead cells and giving vitality to the skin.
  • Chamomile infusion makes hair shiny and gives it more luster, especially if it is applied to hair with henna dye, as it gives dark hair a clear shine, and eliminates dandruff. Chamomile infusion is considered a natural conditioner for hair.
  • Drinking chamomile infusion helps in relaxing the muscles of the body, removing the effects of muscle tension, and relieving the symptoms of menstrual syndrome in women, because it increases the percentage of glycine, which works to remove tension and tension from muscle tissues.
  • An infusion of chamomile flowers soothes the pain of stomach ulcers, and relieves painful stomach cramps.
  • Chamomile flower has properties capable of killing bacteria, which increases the strength of the immune system, calms coughs and relaxes the bronchi.
  • Maintains blood sugar balance.
  • It removes flatulence, rid the intestines of gases, and reduces symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Helps in healing from migraine pain.
  • Fights insomnia and helps the body sleep peacefully.
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